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Further Foundational Teachings on A Course in Miracles
by Dr. Kenneth Wapnick
25% OFF

Further Foundational Teachings
on A Course in Miracles
by Dr. Kenneth Wapnick
25% OFF

When Kenneth began teaching more than 40 years ago, he laid the groundwork for students in their study of the Course by developing, through his writings and lectures, a solid foundation of materials on the Course’s central concepts and themes, and its underlying metaphysics. He often cautioned students not to stray too far from the Course’s basic metaphysical underpinnings so as to avoid falling into the trap of practicing the Course with one's ego.

As Kenneth's teachings expanded over the years, many of these basic teachings were mentioned during subsequent programs, but not elaborated on in the same depth. And yet this comprehensive body of foundational works can offer a solid core for our study of the Course and can continue to enrich and deepen our understanding of its message, which in turn can inform our practice of healing, forgiveness, and mindfulness.

Consider revisiting other foundational works by Kenneth during the month of August as we continue to offer several early titles that students may find helpful. The 25% off sale includes the publications found on the following page.

The Most Commonly Asked Questions about A Course in Miracles

Kenneth and Gloria wrote this very helpful resource after compiling an extensive list of questions that students of the Course had repeatedly asked them over the years in lectures, workshops, correspondence and conversations. The book covers such topics as the nature of God and Heaven, the origins of the ego and the separation, where the world came from, the difference between the mind and the brain, the Course’s use of language, and how to put the Course into practice.


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To Judge or Not to Judge

In this set, Kenneth lays out the Course’s basic teachings on the nature and purpose of judgment in the ego thought system and how our goal should be, not simply to give up judgment, but to learn that we are not really capable of judging on our own, and that we have a Teacher Who, if we will allow Him, will make only helpful judgments about all things for us.

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The Meaning of Judgment

Expanding on the theme developed in To Judge or Not to Judge, in this brief program Kenneth looks at what the Course is teaching us about our judgments, with particular emphasis on an often missed or overlooked step—the need to look with Jesus or the Holy Spirit at our judgments without further judgment. If we skip this step, we will try to stop our judgments on our own, believing they are serious and should be avoided, which of course is the ego’s judgment.

Audio CD

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Cause and Effect

In this program, Kenneth explores one of the fundamental themes in the Course that, if understood, turns our perception of our world upside down. Understanding the true nature of cause and effect allows us to make the shift from what Kenneth has often referred to as the mindlessness of the ego to the mindfulness of the Holy Spirit. For we begin to learn that the cause of all of our distress is not external but results from our mind’s decision for separation and guilt.

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