Foundation for A Course in Miracles - Dr. Kenneth Wapnick

Miracles versus Magic

The excerpts in this series are from the workshop "Miracles versus Magic," held in May 2004.

The Course's usage of these concepts is defined, and the differences are discussed in terms of how magic roots us in the ego's dream of separation, and miracles gently awaken us. The ego makes up the problem of guilt, projects it from the mind onto the body, and leads us to seek magical solutions in the world, which never truly work. Thus, the body is a maladaptive solution to a nonexistent problem. The miracle, on the other hand, offers us the true solution of forgiveness, which undoes our only problem: the mind's decision for the ego. By adopting Jesus' attitude of non-judgment, our guilt over our attempts to use magic is alleviated, freeing us to look with open eyes at our mind's mistake and choose again.

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