The following tributes and expressions of gratitude were submitted to the Foundation following the death of Dr. Kenneth Wapnick. While Kenneth's physical presence is no longer with us, his wise, gentle, and loving spirit will forever remain with the Foundation, and with all those whose lives he touched.

February 22, 1942 – December 27, 2013

February 22, 1942 –
December 27, 2013

"From the heart, may it go to the heart."

"From the heart,
may it go to the heart."

Memorial Tribute by

Diane Brook

I first met Dr. Kenneth Wapnick in 1979. I was drawn to, magnetized by, his purity and understanding. In those days, he was shy, proper, and a stutterer. He became my teacher, my mentor and my friend. His generosity of time, thought and wisdom never faltered. What he understood changed my life in every particular. He could, and in the early years, did disagree with me. (He was always right). But he never didn't love me. By seeing who I truly am, he gave me back my innocence.

Indeed, that was on of his gifts to us all—he gave us back our innocence. He will always be with me. I still find myself writing letters to Ken in my head. And I will miss his playful, wise, loving form, while I'm still thinking "illusion." Love always love. And so much gratitude....

Memorial Tribute by

Ken Goulet

To our beloved brother Kenneth Wapnick
The voice for truth. In love and gratitude to a love that was not of this world.

Invitation to Awakening

There within a dream did a voice appear, disguised as a man who taught no fear. A symbol of love, in a loveless world he did walk—one who consistently walked his talk. Giving freely to all who would listen—nothing withheld from anyone, for all were made welcome. We were strengthened by the voice that knew no doubt, as he gently showed us our whole way out.

A clarity that could not be claimed or owned—repeatedly pointed to our only home. Its source, far beyond the form that expressed Its words, effortlessly done in perfect accord. Always speaking to the strength within us all, to the one who will inevitably answer the call. Gently unwinding an ancient tale, only to reveal a resplendent love that could never fail.

He spoke not to bodies, but to the mind that still believes its darkened tales. He fearlessly led us into the depths of what we had to see, in order to ever truly be free. He invited us out of our darkened world, as the golden light beyond its borders unfurled. He taught us what forgiveness is, as he unassumingly demonstrated its kind effects.

He continually reminded us to smile, when all we wanted to do was frown. Lightening up our world, reminding us that we could choose peace instead of this. Trusting fully. without any concern for when that decision would finally be made. Knowing its inevitable ending because of where he clearly stood, As he gently and lovingly invited us all to join him there.

Firm and unrelenting with the teacher of untruth, but never condemning. He cleared away the fog, only to reveal the truth it tried to hide. Teaching us to Look, and fear not, as the hope of a new world appeared before our tired eyes. Slowly but surely from the ashes of our despair did forgiveness arise to unfold its wings. Gently lifting us above the battleground we once believed to be our only home.

His smile spoke of what could not be touched by a world mad by guilt. And in his freedom, were we reminded of our own inherent liberation. In true humility, did he demonstrate that specialness had no place within his world. As we saw the cost of our own specialness, were we freed from its ceaseless demands.

Through his love of music he taught us to listen for the melody hidden between the notes. He spoke of a nod to God, and a golden thread, helping to free us from our hidden dread. A resting place for our weary hearts and minds, gently undoing our belief in the world of time. A journey that would soon have its end—only to find there was never truly a beginning.

As all things come to pass within the world of time—yet does love live on untouched and unchangeable. Love, always giving what is needed—always pointing us in the direction of our eternal home. Never confusing content with the form—knowing that love could never be a body. In gratitude, we give thanks for this gentle, powerful symbol that lives on in the mind that chose it. FURTHER, FURTHER, it sings, as its joyous melody gently lifts us up to join with Him.

Memorial Tribute by

Josephine Juan

A tribute to my beloved Teacher and Brother—Kenneth Wapnick

I bought a copy of the blue book in year 2000 while working in Hong Kong. Knowing no one reading the strange book at the time so I looked up information on the internet and found Ken's Q&A on Foundation's web page. The Q&A Service Page has been the source I turned to with questions, struggles and inspirations. Ken has been my on-line tutor for years.

After years of listening to his voice and reading his writing, I finally made it to Temecula in 2013 March. Honestly, listening to his lectures for 5 days in class took some focus cause there's no rewind bottom. But, meeting him did untighten whatever residual doubts I had for the Course.

Ken did not "do" something he believes. He was just walking the path and became part of it. There was no intending to demonstrate how I/we ought to practice. It was just a Brother practicing ACIM's teaching.

Thank you, Ken.

Thank you, my beloved Teacher and Brother.


Josephine Juan

Memorial Tribute by

Gart Bishop

Over the past 14 years, Ken has spoken to me for many hours while I've been driving and many hours while reading. Though I've never met him, he is someone that I think I know quite well, someone I call a friend. In discussions with others I refer to him by his first name, and they too now know him by "Ken." While I knew he was older than me, I had hoped that, should future finances allow it, I would be able to afford to cross the continent and take one of his week-long courses.

Perhaps what I most like about Ken's presentation of printed and audio material is it's similarity to that of A Course in Miracles. When I got my first copy of ACIM, I began by reading the introduction and then the first chapter. Then I skipped toward the back, and finally I would just randomly open the book and read. Every line seemed to speak to me; every line seemed to be true. Ken's tapes are like that. They would stay in the car player and be played irregularly, with the result that I would forget what had been previously said ... but it didn't matter. I could start anywhere on the tapes and within a few minutes I would be happily thinking away, realizing that I was making progress, recognizing more of my fears and sensing the greater calm that is possible. My only complaint was that Ken talked quickly, more quickly than I could take in what he was saying. So I had to listen over and over and over . .. which was a good thing.

Similarly I have so much enjoyed his insight as presented in his articles in The Lighthouse , and have looked forward to each issue.

I do wish to thank Ken and the Foundation for A Course in Miracles for enriching my life by making ACIM available and more easily understood. I owe him big time. While I am sure these are sad and difficult times, I hope Gloria and Foundation for A Course in Miracles will find joy in the future.

With appreciation and in friendship.

Memorial Tribute by

Mary M. Tanton

To Dear Gloria,

We, the members of our Monday night ACIM group in Peoria, Illinois, send to you our love. We are truly grateful for all the years that you and Ken have given to helping ACIM students clearly understand its message of love and forgiveness. We celebrate with you Ken's life ongoing and know that his guiding light will be with us always.

Memorial Tribute by


Your Smile

Both mischievous and soft

Your smile ... comes from far away
From where silence and peace hold sway
From a place where Oneness spreads
Beyond forms, beyond time.

Your smile ... speaks volumes
About your path, about your love,
Telling how you outwitted the traps
And now soar lightly above them
A humorous twinkle in your eye.

Both insightful and loving
Your smile gently slowly awakens me
To the reality which is yours
And that you generously share
with everyone.

As you patiently teach
Offering yourself to the meeting
You remain firmly anchored
In the spirit that dwells in you
And carries you ... before you fly.

Your smile alone sums up in one instant
The essence of your commitment.

I cherish it and welcome it
Like a flash of lightning in my life
Whose clarity and infinite kindness
Reminds me of that celestial home
Where you now await me.

Memorial Tribute by


Dear Ken, I wonder ...

... how I could possibly put into words all that you offered me, all that you represent for me.

You have been and still are such an example, such a wonderful teacher: kind, available, reliable, brilliant, funny, inspiring, honest, .... You have offered a living demonstration of what it means to apply this Course and gave me hope that I can do it too.

By focusing on what is true in me and overlooking the froth of my ego's games, you reminded me patiently over and over again about that part within that is soft and kind, loving and forgiving, that is peaceful, quiet and free because it is not bound to the dream of a world based on completely opposite qualities.

Now that I can't listen to you out there nor exchange letters, sometime I am tempted to think that I am cut off from you ... cannot communicate.

Sometimes I cry over your seeming absence ... ... ... but that tells me that I once again left you and left the quiet center where you abide and so gently invited me and invite me still to join you as you invite everyone.

You have taught me that I can find you there and so how could I feel abandoned by the disappearance of your body?

You have offered your smile, which I remember so clearly and keep lovingly in my heart. It does surface every now and then to cheer me up and like a wink comes to remind me of what is true.

Of your death you made a non-event ... maybe because such it was for you who was already so firmly established in what cannot die.

Did you even notice? ......... I wonder ...

Memorial Tribute by

Brian and Rosemary
Van Witzenburg

The written word is incapable of conveying the depth of our respect and deep regard Brian and I had for Dr. Kenneth Wapnick; however, we certainly want our sentiments to be added to the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of notes, cards and letters that will be delivered to the Foundation.

I will quote the first words out of Brian's mouth upon hearing of Kenneth's passing:

1.  A tremendous loss to mankind

2. He was the greatest man I ever knew.


Brian and Rosemary Van Witzenburg

Memorial Tribute by

Michael Maestri

Dear Friends,

The last day,
Not much to say,

He's gone away,
But his love will stay.

Thank you all.

Memorial Tribute by

Margaret Pappas















I love you.

Margaret Pappas

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