Kenneth Wapnick Memorial Tributes

"From the heart, may it go to the heart."

The following tributes and expressions of gratitude were submitted to the Foundation following the death of Dr. Kenneth Wapnick. While Kenneth's physical presence is no longer with us, his wise, gentle, and loving spirit will forever remain with the Foundation, and with all those whose lives he touched.

February 22, 1942 – December 27, 2013

Memorial Tribute by

Jenny Somers

Thank you for collecting our tributes to Ken.

I addressed Ken as "My Beloved Papa" and signed off as "Dear" when I wrote him because it was the most respectful way I could address him in my letters and it also reflected our spiritual parent/child relationship. Ken was a spiritual father figure to many, so in no way am I saying he was exclusively my Papa, rather if s the most accurate way of describing his role in my life. Thank you for understanding. Below is my submission:

My Beloved Papa,

Every day, and every minute of every day, you are in my heart.

You cannot die when I demonstrate that you did not die.

Your wisdom and Love are the steady glowing Lights that lead my heart Home.

You left a beautiful peaceful clear path Home for all of us to follow.

No worries ... I won't lose my way Home because I have your and Jesus' invisible Hand in mine.

Whatever the story has in store for us next, you can rest assured that I know that you know that I know it's only a story. Love is all there IS.

I haven't forgotten my math either.

You are a miracle worker, a living work of art, and an integral part of all that is good in my heart.

You raised me up so high at times Heaven held me in Its breath.

You will always be My Beloved Papa, my symbol of God's Love for me.

There are no endings in Love ... (smile!)


Jenny Somers

Memorial Tribute by

Lisa Bolza

As I am reading other ACIM students' tributes to Ken I find that what they have written about him also reflects what I have individually experienced and received from him. And isn't this what we are trying to learn as ACIM students? That we are all One; and therefore all of us are fully and equally deserving of the Love that was so freely passed around by Ken.

Ken, thank you so very much for being our beloved teacher. Without your crystal clear clarity I would not have understood the depth and importance of the Course (and of course I am still learning). I feel so lucky that I have attended one of your week end workshops, and was personally able to feel and experience your never wavering gentleness, and kindness. And your constant reminder not to forget to laugh.

I still feel deeply sad that Ken is no longer in this illusion, and I am no longer able to listen to him on a new YouTube, and perhaps receive a warm, loving hug at another workshop in Temecula. But this is not what Ken would want; so eventually I will have to let go of the sadness but not the gratitude that I feel for this beloved teacher.

Memorial Tribute by

Peter J. Murphy

Dear Ken,

I wish you (eternal) peace—from above the battleground.

Memorial Tribute by

Sally Miller

I have been and still am processing the shock of hearing about Ken's death. Being sad and depressed is not what he would want and not what he taught, so I understand the ego has convinced me I'm a body that has lost another body. I wrote a long tribute, but now have condensed it to essentials. Therefore, here it is:

I have always thought that Ken's mission was to be a beacon of consistency; to keep the Course's message clear and unwavering. No matter how students try to shape it to the ego's needs, he always calls us back to the path. When my own picture becomes cloudy, I can listen to a workshop recording and be pulled instantly back into focus. My tribute to Ken will be to keep doing the daily work, despite resistance and following his example, to grow up.

I understand why you are not having a public memorial and appreciate the chance to offer my thoughts and condolences in this way.

Memorial Tribute by

Terry White

Remembering Ken Wapnick

O' hear the song of Heaven
A symphony of grace~
The universe is singing
Vibrations dance through space~

The veil of sleep is raised now
The drama now is done~
The journey home has ended
A journey not begun~

O' hear the song of Heaven
Illusions disappear~
All innocence remembered
The Miracle is here~

Memorial Tribute by

Hal Lafler and
Beth Griffith

Dear Miraculous Musings Community,

Many of us know by now that Kenneth Wapnick, a leader in the ACIM community, passed away this week. There are many prominent individuals in the ACIM community whose body of work we admire and respect. For us, Ken Wapnick brought with him over the years, the very "heart and soul" of the course. We feel deep gratitude for his inspirational presence and work on the planet as a loving brother in Christ.

To honor Ken's life is to demonstrate A Course in Miracles principles in our everyday lives. We will continue to do so and ask that you join with us as we move forward on this journey.

Love and Blessings,

Hal Lafler and Beth Griffith

Memorial Tribute by


My beloved wise brother Kenneth, thank you for being my physical teacher in this life. You have been my mother, father, brother, sister, counselor and mentor. You have shown me guidance, kindness, compassion and love. You gave me more than I could ever express in words. I am overwhelming grateful to you. I could not have done the last 20 years without your assistance. appreciate all the advice and support you gave me. You grew me up in a way that I could not have possibly imagined. I will remember you and always love you and keep you in my heart and mind for eternity. Thank you for bringing the Course alive for me and so many others. May our Father the Lord thy God keep you and hold you in His arms. The world loves you and appreciates everything that you have given. We have learned well from you and now it is time that we demonstrate our ability to be right minded. You live on through our thoughts, words and actions and I am so grateful to share your wisdom with all my brothers and sisters. Love your little sister.

Memorial Tribute by

Amy Larson

Dear Ken~

Thank you...

Amy Larson

Memorial Tribute by

Jerry Yah'Kov

Dear Foundation,

I wanted to express my condolences to the family and staff at the Foundation, as well as the thousands of Course students around the world, upon the transition of our dear friend Ken Wapnick.

He was a true teacher of God and my spiritual mentor for many years. After my first meeting with Ken, I began to write him and he always replied; we exchanged well over a hundred letters. Ken was so kind and he never forgot to send regards to my wife, Candace, whom he had also met; he'd often remind us to tickle each other and to laugh.

I still have Ken's books and audios to school me in Course wisdom and right- mindedness. Ken was the voice of the Course for me, and others, and he is forever alive in our minds and hearts.

I am blessed to have known such a gifted teacher; he taught me that forgiveness IS our purpose until we all awaken into the Heart of God, and our dream of separation ends.

Thank you, Ken, for being an advanced teacher, and having completed your work, gently laying your body down, as another act of spiritual awakening. You continue to teach us all to give up our ego-fears and accept our true identity as Love.

Sincere Blessings,

Jerry Yah'Kov

Memorial Tribute by

Rhonda Tarr

Dear, Dear Ken,

Thank you so very much for being such a brilliant, loving, compassionate, authentic, funny, and amazing Teacher for us all! I never had a chance to meet you in person, unfortunately, but after having listened to many of your wonderful lessons from the Academy on CD, I almost feel as if your spirit is sitting on my shoulder whispering sweet reminders in my ear as I go about the day. "Rhonda, please remember to make it about them!" "Hey, what are you doing ... again? How about creating a Community of Love wherever you go!? That's where it's at!" "Really now, Rhonda, you're not worrying about that again?!! Enough already, really! 🙂 It's getting boring! Remember you can always choose peace instead of that and I guarantee that you'll experience more Joy!"

Ken, your brilliance, humility, and infinite generosity knock my socks off and inspire me so very much! You really understand A Course in Miracles and are so incredibly patient as a Teacher of God. You've written so many books, recorded so many talks, and answered so many questions that we all ask of you ... and as a great Teacher, you are always so clear, so real, infinitely patient, compassionate, and funny. I love your sense of humor! You harmonize so well with our barriers and do everything possible to get us to understand this amazing course that is so simple and yet so difficult for us. You have devoted your life to sharing with us your very great gift of understanding, and I am forever grateful to you! Thank you for tutoring us so skillfully, so lovingly and so patiently! My hope and prayer is that as a classroom teacher, I might inspire my students at least a tiny bit as well as you've inspired and continue to inspire me and us! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I send you my loving prayers and heartfelt thanks, Ken, as you continue on in your mysterious and amazing journey! Thank you so very much for all of the love, understanding, patience, and intelligence with which you've shared your amazing life experience and your lifework with us! We're all going home together, for sure, and thanks to your fine tutoring. we're going to get there faster than predicted! 🙂

With much love and heartfelt thanks,

Rhonda Tarr

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