The following tributes and expressions of gratitude were submitted to the Foundation following the death of Dr. Kenneth Wapnick. While Kenneth's physical presence is no longer with us, his wise, gentle, and loving spirit will forever remain with the Foundation, and with all those whose lives he touched.

February 22, 1942 – December 27, 2013

February 22, 1942 –
December 27, 2013

"From the heart, may it go to the heart."

"From the heart,
may it go to the heart."

Memorial Tribute by

Konstantinos Kourtis

Ken was my spiritual teacher in "the forgiveness of the dream." Although I did not have the chance to meet him, I am familiar of his work about A Course in Miracles. This helped me to assimilate many ideas and shortened "the time of my wandering."

Four years ago, I asked him about "a tiny mad idea," I had at that period. His answer in my letter ended as follows: "So take heart, my friend, and continue your journey to the union of your self with your Self." I continue, my teacher, the journey as you encouraged me to do. My gratitude, you are sharing LOVE with all.

Memorial Tribute by

Susan Hunt

I would be honored to add my voice to the many tributes to Kenneth. I was so sad to learn of Ken's transition as I had always hoped to one day soon make my way to Temecula and meet him in person; now there is no need to travel to "converse" with him in spirit, but I am sad to have missed my opportunity to look into his eyes and take his hand in mine.

What I want to say about Ken is that he truly lived the teachings. I know this because he took the time to personally respond to each and every letter I sent him over the years, despite what I know must have been a grueling schedule and nearly infinite responsibilities to all the other many people who reached out to him. Yet, Ken not only responded to my letters, he even offered to read my book and give me feedback on it—a person he had never met and owed nothing to, nor had any thing to gain from. He took the time to connect; he made himself available—something I have experienced in literally no other person of his stature in the world of "spiritual teachers." So I say, Ken was the genuine article—he walked the walk. He is free now from physical constraints and I sense his joy. I am both delighted for him, and bereft for myself and for all of us who remain behind to do our best to carry forward the work of living the teachings of the Course. I say thank you, Ken, and God bless your legacy and may it thrive.

Memorial Tribute by

Jim Pappas

Dear Students and Admirers of Ken,

What I am so thankful for, and will miss the most is Ken's work and dedication to the Course, and the prolific writings, books, & lectures which created a body of information, that will never be matched in this world again.

His calling, understanding and interpretation was deepened by his close and personal relationship with Helen, which he so gracefully shared with us. He will be missed by course student, until we Collapse this universe, and are all re-united in the Atonement! I can't wait to hug him again!

A very thankful Student who was blessed to be taught in person, by such a learned, great and important Teacher!

His work truly changed my life and mind-set. I think he may have shaved a few "thousands years off" (Chpt. 1- sect. "—Parg 6, Line 6)

Memorial Tribute by

Susan Dugan

Dear Ken:

The first time I interviewed you one-an-one at the foundation, you took both my hands in yours and simply met my eyes. For the first time in my life, I felt truly forgiven, aligned with your absolute certainty of my innocence. And I somehow knew beyond all shadows of doubt and the blur of tears that this awareness was all I really wanted to know and learn to offer everyone and everything. Thank you, Ken! Without having known you, I would not have the growing trust that 1 will reach this unwavering certainty when I'm ready.

You always seemed to effortlessly embody the presence of our loving-to-all inner teacher, who sees only our uninterrupted union. The Introduction to the second half of A Course in Miracles' workbook refers to the "gracious guidance" of the Holy Spirit/right mind. For me, you externally personified that gracious Guide. You were the most generous person I have ever encountered, treating each and everyone of us like a long, lost friend, graciously giving the gentle, boundless treasure of your full attention; whenever when we believed we needed it. Listening for the real call for love beyond the words of whatever struggle with practicing forgiveness we'd dreamed up, and responding consistently, in every circumstance and without a moment's hesitation, with love and complete acceptance. In whatever form we could best recognize it through the haze of our fear.

The last few years you kept urging us to stop justifying and indulging our abundant resistance to this Course, to simply focus on forgiveness now and kindness for all. "Stop with the baby business!" you often said, quoting your little grandson. Realize every moment offers an opportunity to root myself more deeply in this hell of a dream or take another step toward awakening. I learned, and continue to learn from you, that even though I'm not ready to accept I'm not a body, I can decide right now which inner teacher I want to listen to. I can decide right now to challenge, as you advised, every unkind thought. To remember. regardless of how real whatever seems to be happening seems, that I am never upset for the reason I think and could choose and experience peace right now. The rest will follow!

Since you passed, as the waves of sadness ebb and flow and I ask to look at them with you, I somehow feel your present presence more strongly than ever. Every word I ever heard you speak seems right here, right now. "Well, where would I go?" I can hear you saying. And I have to smile, too. Reluctantly at times, but still, I can't seem to hold on to my sorrow for too long because I surprisingly find you right here with me (us), your teaching now endlessly available within, as it always really was. I can't really bemoan your lack of presence in form when your true presence continues to provide moment-to-moment, palpable evidence to the contrary.

As I sit here staring at the folder on my desk filled with ever-accumulating questions I've been collecting for our future interviews, I realize with so much gratitude that you've really given us all the answers, even though I'd much prefer to still hear them in your voice one more time. What I feel most now is the enduring gift of your faith in me (us) to really live this work. A faith I don't always feel in myself. Recalling you as I practice forgiveness throughout my day. your faith feels contagious.

You often told us to trust that the process that led us this far won't fail us now—the happy ending to all our stories is sure! Our teacher remains alive and well within. As you said during the August 2012 Academy: "It's an insane idea to think we can lose what we love."

You remain here, right now, in our hearts and in our work. Your gentle smile and all you have taught us instantly available for consultation as we quicken our steps in our journey home to the place we never really left. Where all dreams of guilt are gone and love for all still abides.

The time has come

I've answered your questions,
I've held your hand,
why keep pretending
you don't understand?
You know what is kind,
you know what is not,
why keep pretending
you just forgot?
You know what is false,
you know what is real.
the time has come
to live this and heal.

With never-ending love and gratitude,

Susan Dugan

Memorial Tribute by

Caryl Browne

While on one level I feel the loss of Ken's presence; his teachings and spirit are with me always and are very dear to me. As the Course says:

"Awareness of dreaming is the real function of God's teachers."

I believe Ken was ready to awaken from the dream and for that I am joyous.

In deep appreciation and love,

Caryl Browne

Memorial Tribute by

Rosslyn Shaw

It was with shock and deep sadness that I learned of Kenneth's passing.

It "SEEMS" that he left this dream far too early, but we are not here to judge the path nor the form of another's salvation. This I have learned from THE COURSE.

I was planning a trip to California to attend one of Kenneth's Academy courses and to delight once again in his mentoring in person. Although I am regretful that this cannot be, I am most happy that I have the opportunity to attend his classes daily on my CDs of the entire COURSE.

Synchronicity led me to the Foundation for A Course in Miracles and I am deeply and eternally grateful that Kenneth is my external teacher. I believe he is most likely the ONLY mentor that truly grasps and practices what THE COURSE is really imparting to the student.

Kenneth remarked a couple of times that A COURSE IN MIRACLES contains reflections of the highest forms of Buddhism. I recently re-read (after almost 50 years!!) Hermann Hesse's "Siddhartha." Siddhartha crosses "the river" to a higher expression of Reality guided by the "ferryman" whom he ultimately embodies.

Kenneth is my "ferryman."

In profound gratitude,

Roslyn Shaw

Memorial Tribute by

Nadya Giusi

Ken was my teacher and my friend. I shall miss his physical presence but I am eternally grateful for finding A Course in Miracles through a workshop in Akumal, Mexico that he gave several decades ago. It has transformed my life and influenced my work as a Marriage and Family therapist, tribute-author and teacher. Peace has become my only goal.

My condolences to Gloria, who was my teacher as well.


Nadya Giusi

Memorial Tribute by

Robbin Lisa

A Teacher, A Friend:

I fell in love with Ken. Wapnick in the fall of 1991 through his workshops on tape. Immediately, I became addicted to his humor and confident teaching style along with the message of the Course. In an ironic twist of fate, perhaps because I enjoyed our special relationship too much. to jeopardize it, I would not meet him in person until his last workshop this past summer of 2013. From the beginning, I have had a whole list of "Kenism's" that remain with me and have provided me with insight, smiles and even laughter at the most poignant of times. My favorite being, "I'm telling you, you LOVE IT." I find that most helpful in the midst of drama. and, when I am taking myself too seriously, "You aren't doing anything anyway." And when I am feeling stuck in the mud because my resistance is strong, "Red it again" from one of his teachers. And, when my ego is going insane about this silliness or that... "Why do you want to fight with a puppet, it's only a puppet." He showed us through his love, his brilliance, humility, and kindness that we are loved and thankfully he did not bend in the interpretation of ACIM, for "it says what it says...." In gratitude, to the teacher who filled my life with help to a new way of seeing, as well as being a bright light when all seemed lost. Ken, we thank you,,, and I will "get on with it."

Memorial Tribute by

Brian Allen

I have often said that Dr. Wapnick is the only reason that I understand a word of The Course. My husband Chad and I had the privilege of coming to the Foundation in Temecula in August of 2009. The first thing that I remember upon walking in the door was Dr. Wapnick bouncing around the room joking with everyone and hugging everyone. While we were registering, I remember him making eye contact with us as while he was speaking to a group of people, acknowledging our presence there. He knew all that was going on in that room and was watching who was arriving while, interestingly enough giving the person he was talking to his full attention.

This was particularly heart warming, because I have a history of being with teachers who are very remote and cut off from their students, ushered in and out without speaking with anyone. To see Dr. Wapnick so engaged and available was really touching. There was no fanfare or big announcements. He walked up to the podium and for the next three days, unraveled mysteries of The Course that I had never even come close to understanding. His energy and focus never wavered. His commitment to The Course and what it says was 100 percent. His enthusiasm was contagious. It made me want to be a more dedicated student of The Course.

Before the event was over, Chad and I had a quick moment with him. It was short, sweet and very kind. Of course, it included a loving hug. I asked him to sign the book Absence of Felicity and he gave a rather embarrassed look before writing: "To Brian and Chad with Love and Peace, Ken."

Dr. Wapnick's passing has reignited my interest and commitment to following The Course. I am grateful to him and to The Foundation for so thoughtfully and carefully recording his seminars and events. He did the work of three lifetimes in one and I consider myself very lucky to be his student as I make my way slowly up the ladder to greet him once again.

In Love and gratitude,

Brian Allen

Memorial Tribute by

Anna Clemence

Some twenty-seven years ago, I was fortunate enough to be led to A Course in Miracles and over the space of about eighteen months, I devoured the Text, followed the 365 lessons in the Workbook and finally read the Manual. Since then, it has been the guiding spiritual influence in my life.

But only a mere six weeks ago, did I discover Absence from Felicity and the work of Dr Kenneth Wapnick. Then in December, in the midst of reading this remarkable book I learned he'd slipped away home on the 27th of that very month. So, alas, I will not be able to tell him in person how much I value the honesty and clarity of his insight. Nor let him know the gratitude I feel for his integrity and sensitivity, his faithfulness and his clear and loving vision.

My heartfelt sympathy goes to his family and friends because he will, without doubt, be deeply missed. But the love and wisdom that emanates so strongly from his written work will continue as long as we have a need for words. His contribution to the spiritual growth of those of us on the planet now, and indeed those to come, is incalculable.

With love and light and all blessings,

Anna Clemence Mews

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