The following tributes and expressions of gratitude were submitted to the Foundation following the death of Dr. Kenneth Wapnick. While Kenneth's physical presence is no longer with us, his wise, gentle, and loving spirit will forever remain with the Foundation, and with all those whose lives he touched.

February 22, 1942 – December 27, 2013

February 22, 1942 –
December 27, 2013

"From the heart, may it go to the heart."

"From the heart,
may it go to the heart."

Memorial Tribute by


Thank You Kenneth

Although we never met
I know you more each day
Through every moment spent
In loving grace with Him.

A thousand suns do shine
On every word you made
That light my way up to
The One we share as kin.

Memorial Tribute by

aka Aragorn


Please find hereby my tribute to Kenneth Wapnick.

My thoughts are with you all in this challenging period and I thank you for keeping up the good work! Loving Godspeed as you continue on the way Ken so beautifully showed us. Meanwhile, I keep swimming and hiking to Temecula. I look forward to meeting you all.

To my beloved Music Magister,

I wish you sweet conducting in Heaven. Thank you for teaching me how to hear that joyous melody in my brother's Heart.

Farewell, dear Gandalf! Enjoy the white shores of that far green country under a swift sunrise.

Memorial Tribute by

Alice Yeager and
Fred Hawker

Dear Gloria and FACIM staff,

We feel blessed to have known Kenneth as our physical world teacher and appreciative of all the many kind words of wisdom he spoke and wrote to us in counsel as ACIM students together. Ken's kindness and encouragement have and still are a cherished resource to us. We are greatly appreciative of having him as our trusted teacher since my (Alice) first meeting him and Gloria in 2005 in Alexandria, Virginia. Every occasion after that whenever he presented on the east coast we attended his talks in Philadelphia, Atlanta and multiple times at A.R.E. in Virginia Beach.

Ken's sage tutelage still continues for me (Alice) as now an inner gentle voice (with an occasional stutter) that I hear assisting our shared inner Teacher. I feel blessed to have him as a trusted inner teacher and counsel who has joined with the Voice that has never been apart from. God and speaks for Truth. Ken's great skill at encouraging us to look at the ego together with The Holy Spirit/Jesus in order to recognize its insanity and unreality has greatly helped me become less invested in its delusions. His encouragement to look but not let it deceive us further has been immensely Help fun. As an artist Ken's analogies from classical literature, music, the visual arts and theater sang to me as my song of prayer.

We both greatly admire and appreciate Kenneth's unwavering dedication through his prolific writings and video talks that are now a great legacy for all ACIM students. May we all see peace instead of this as our Lesson 34 reminder to see beyond the veils of ego illusion and worldly distractions to find the Reality of Spirit as Our own.

Memorial Tribute by

Sally McKirgan

My earthly teacher in the illusion was Ken Wapnick but in reality he IS a Holy Son of God aka the Christ, but he never pretended to be the "Christ" or special or claim to know it all, even though he did. I wept when I heard of his passing because I did so love him and all the Academy's and absorbing the knowledge that emanated as he spewed forth non-dual reality that washed over me like a healing balm. The Academy class last March 2013 "Weeding Our Garden" gently led me to finally, finally forgive George W. Bush! I will post his expert guidance that led to the experience on my blog shortly. I know there is no death really but still I feel sorry for myself because he is longer teaching in the illusion but I am happy for him that he is not. Our youngest son died suddenly three months before Ken. I like to think that perhaps he now has Ken's wonderful company and guidance because before his death, the Course lessons were being sent to him daily, by me, so his Mind began to grasp them. Now his Holy Mind can follow Ken, The Teacher who will lead him the rest of the way Home ..... where he/we are and have always been.

Memorial Tribute by

Amy Larson

Dear Ken~

Thank you...

Amy Larson

Memorial Tribute by

Clive Bayne

Tribute to Kenneth Wapnick

I have listened to many of Ken's recorded workshops and talks, and I have read most of his books; But I only met him once in person at an Academy Course in Roscoe in August 2000. Three aspects of Ken's vocation stood out for me:

In all of Ken's writings and teachings there was no ego interference. In a disciplined, enormously erudite and intelligent manner, he faithfully dedicated himself to facilitating our understanding of Jesus' course. He never succumbed to being commercial, or to promoting himself. He just taught what the Course said, without personal embellishment, and his notes and commentaries always rang true.

Ken loved Helen's poems. He invariably read and quoted from the Gifts of God. For me, this was a living witness to his joining with Helen, inviting her to accompany us as we studied and practiced what she had brought into the world.

I loved Ken's sense of humor which was always near the surface during his talks. On my visit to Roscoe, I remember the Foundation had laid on some ice cream for our final dinner. I was standing in line waiting to be served, and I happened to mention to Ken how much I enjoyed ice cream. "No, Clive," he replied. "The ice cream is not there to be eaten. We're just going to look at it without judgment." His humor was always fun and, above all, gentle.

Ken was a light shining in the dream. Forgiveness and love flowed through him. He truly lived the course. Jesus did not die in vain. Ken demonstrated that he did not die by showing us that Jesus' thought system of resurrection lived in him. Joy and gratitude are what I place at his altar of tribute.

Thank you, Ken, for not passing us by. For as long as we chose to continue in the dream your work will be a lighthouse, guiding us home.

"We thank you, Father, for the light that shines forever in Ken. And we honor it, because You share it with us. We are one, united in this light and one with You, at peace with all creation and with ourselves." (W-pll.239.3)

Memorial Tribute by

Annelies Ekeler

Through the gate of unbelief

I no longer see any thought that springs from the ego-mind (always an expression of separation) as what it pretends to say, but as an opportunity-an invitation-to start seeing things differently. I now see such thoughts as gates that I can pass through by joining with the Holy Spirit. Thus, they change from horrible, closed, scary gates of fear and sadness into open gates, passageways to the Light of God's Love.

As the Course says:

The Holy Spirit can use all that you give to Him for your salvation. But He cannot use what you withhold, for He cannot take it from you without your willingness. (T-25.VIII.l:1-2)

Thus, when I first heard the news that Ken passed away, I encountered rock-hard unbelief: "What!! !???" It was a colossal wall of "unbelief," and I crashed into it very hard ... and bounced back. But when I got back on my feet, and carefully looked at it, I also saw a gate in that wall, and thus a possible passageway through it. The word "UNBELIEF" was written on the gate in large letters. And because I had decided to no longer believe in closed gates, but only in open gates, and don't want to hold anything back anymore, so that I believe in possibilities and opportunities, I saw this gate, with the word "UNBELIEF" on it, as an invitation. I decided to go through it, guided by "Trust," symbolized for me by Jesus and now also by Ken. And I stepped right through the gate, which had now become transparent. Effortlessly. And in this way, I could step through all the stages of unbelief-sadness, anger, distrust, missing him-safely holding the hand of Jesus, who had shown me time and again that, by turning around all the emotions I was feeling at any given time, in reality nothing has happened. And with every step, the unbelief and the sadness changed into pure Love and a Happiness that cannot be described with words. And I now find that the way in which Ken left the earthly stage "fit" the "unbelief" that it evoked in me, which is exactly what he taught us via the Course:

Teach not that I died in vain. Teach rather that I did not die by demonstrating that I live in you. (T-ll. VI. 7:3-4)

By going through the gate of "unbelief" in complete Trust, holding hands with Jesus and Ken, I find myself once again with Belief and a new certainty that there is no death, that the idea of death of a body is but a tiny, mad idea that offers me the opportunity to make a choice between either making this idea real by believing in bodies that can die, or seeing the idea of death as a gate through which I can forgive this idea by joining with Jesus. And hence go right through the door by forgiving this idea, right through the experience of unbelief, sadness, etc., and to emerge on the other side where there IS only gratitude and Love. That is the incomparable gift that Ken gives us for eternity. And in this way, he lives on... unchanging, through me and anyone who makes this same choice:

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God.

Memorial Tribute by

Roberto Gaensly

Dear Dr. Ken

We know you are Happy and Laughing on this only Mind of ours, maybe with a sense of gratitude of a great productive " life " on this bad dream of ours. That certainty brings me peace!

But I wanted to go back a few years and tell you, what kind of relationship I had with You living in Brazil and studying A Course in Miracles.

I bought the book over the internet in English based only on my intuition and a few quotes I read on other peoples books regarding the Course. I understood somewhat the Introduction for A Course in Miracles and read the whole book without understanding almost anything at all. But the Light was so strong that I kept at it until finish.

And I only started to understand what it means better after I was introduced to you and your teachings back in 2002. Since then I read your books and heard your seminars hundreds of times. Since you need to have a clear my to really understand what you meant years back. And I still do just that! Hearing now Waking with Angels and Community of Love two of your latest very loving Seminars.

You kept pushing me along the" stages of development of trust " all the way to where I am at now and you keep doing just that.

You might imagine how much I understand your Mind, your personality and soul in a detail. You have been my closest friend through out all these years. Then I meet you in a seminar in 2011 and you kept helping me with all of your lovely letters. With Lillian Paes we have that project of bringing your work to Brazil in Portuguese, which will happen one day.

Dr. Ken when I heard you had moved to this new vibration of yours I must confess I was very sad for several days. I would have to communicate with my best friend through some other way.

And now your Voice and the Voice of the Holy Spirit are the same Voice for me. It made me realize that I have been hearing the Voice of the Holy Spirit all along.

Mine and whole humanity Gratitude and Love for You are Total. God bless You my good friend and father Ken!

Memorial Tribute by


My beloved wise brother Kenneth, thank you for being my physical teacher in this life. You have been my mother, father, brother, sister, counselor and mentor. You have shown me guidance, kindness, compassion and love. You gave me more than I could ever express in words. I am overwhelming grateful to you. I could not have done the last 20 years without your assistance. appreciate all the advice and support you gave me. You grew me up in a way that I could not have possibly imagined. I will remember you and always love you and keep you in my heart and mind for eternity. Thank you for bringing the Course alive for me and so many others. May our Father the Lord thy God keep you and hold you in His arms. The world loves you and appreciates everything that you have given. We have learned well from you and now it is time that we demonstrate our ability to be right minded. You live on through our thoughts, words and actions and I am so grateful to share your wisdom with all my brothers and sisters. Love your little sister.

Memorial Tribute by


Dear Judy and Whit,

I just heard the sad news that Kenneth's worldly journey has ended. I can only begin to know how devastating this must be for both of you whose very close friend Ken has been from the beginning of the Course. My heart goes out to both of you and Gloria and I wish that I had the right words that would console you. I and all the translators are deeply grateful for the meeting you arranged in October last year where we had the chance to meet Ken. It was such a happy time and will stay with me forever in fond memories. Kenneth's work with A Course in Miracles was a formidable task, as are his books and tapes. Thank God we still have them to turn to and hear his dear voice–which I do practically daily. But like you said in your message: let's not mourn that his body is not any more with us, but let us be grateful that he spread the word and Truth about our souls that will go on forever.

With much Love,


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