The following tributes and expressions of gratitude were submitted to the Foundation following the death of Dr. Kenneth Wapnick. While Kenneth's physical presence is no longer with us, his wise, gentle, and loving spirit will forever remain with the Foundation, and with all those whose lives he touched.

February 22, 1942 – December 27, 2013

February 22, 1942 –
December 27, 2013

"From the heart, may it go to the heart."

"From the heart,
may it go to the heart."

Memorial Tribute by

Sue Mistretta

I am still shocked and feeling very sad to know that Ken is no longer with us in physical form as our teacher and mentor of ACIM at the Foundation. I am aware that I am not alone with these feelings and he will be greatly missed by countless students, friends and family. Ken Wapnick may very well be the most significant and influential person I have had in my life. Being his student for 25 years, his profound understanding of ACIM and his clarity in communicating what it says along with his unwavering demonstration of the principles stands like a shining light in the darkness. Ken would remind us that Jesus would say that we seem to only drink from the ocean of Love in small increments because of our fear of Love. My experience was that Ken's presence and teaching methods provided an ever growing vessel from which I learned to drink. His warm dark brown eyes were filled with light and often when I sequestered him with my "urgent" questions they would simply disappear in his presence ..... Hmmm ... after a while I realized I just wanted an excuse to sit with him. Another way I resonated with Ken is through music. I too have found music to be a very powerful symbol for me on my journey and I loved and resonated with his usage of musical metaphors. On a sadder note, I must admit that I am feeling a bit anxious now that he is not here to talk with and learn from and in some way for me he played the role of a buffer to soften the blows of the ego's antics. As I have been listening more deeply through my grief, it seems that a message to me (any maybe for many of us?) is to "step up to the plate" with my forgiveness practice. Why delay a deeper acceptance of Love? I keep hearing from others that I have spoken with, that the lesson in our collective classroom is for us to realize that Ken lives within us and I truly hope that I will open to accept and embrace this on my Journey without Distance.

In deep gratitude and sadness,

Sue Mistretta

Memorial Tribute by

Patricia Peabody

Ken has been my teacher since he and Gloria recorded a set of audio tapes for Nightingale Conant many years ago. Ken's books and recordings since then have become a bright beacon of light in the world. The clarity of his explanations, his humor and his gentle guidance have given me a place to grow in the awareness of love's presence. I am deeply grateful for the thoughtful attention he devoted to his writing and recording over these many years. His love will indeed live forever.

Memorial Tribute by

Wade Alexander

After reflecting on what to write to honor Ken Wapnick I have realized that, personally, even though the seminars and workshops I attended are memorable, the most valuable part of his legacy for me is his writings. I cherish this memory of one of my first workshops at Roscoe. It was during the summer of 1992 and I asked Ken, "If God doesn't know about this, why do it?" He answered, quick as a flash, "Good question." He then continued his teaching, leaving me sitting there, questioning further, which I am sure was his intention. Over and above my memories of him teaching in person though is this: Ken's body of work when viewed in its entirety is truly breath-taking. His works should be known as were J.S. Bach's; the "Bach-Gessellschaft," (monument). Ken writings constitute a comprehensive and thorough presentation of the Principles and Metaphysics of A Course in Miracles. They are truly monumental; Ken's great bequest to us.

My favorite is "Absence from Felicity: The Story of Helen Schucman and Her Scribing of A Course in Miracles." It an extremely valuable historical document, because it is (not only for us but for readers for centuries to come), a full-fledged, valid, compelling, accurate genesis of the Course written by one who was deeply involved with Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford in developing the Course for publication.

I look forward to the staff at FACIM offering a chronological list of Ken's books; perhaps even some sort of boxed editions according to subject. Also valuable would be a bound set of his Lighthouse articles.

As I come to terms with Ken unexpected passing I will cherish his writing. In place of my joy at being able to listen to him lecture in person I will re-read and study them in order to broaden my understanding of the Course.

That way I need never miss him.

Memorial Tribute by

Yvonne Magee

As a student of the Course and a study group leader for many years, I have always known there is a source of completely reliable information and guidance on ACIM. Ken's incisive grasp and living demonstration of the Course and clear, brilliant scholarship have never failed to help unfold the depth of my experience. His legacy of writings and videos holds us all in a safe embrace as we proceed.

Some years ago, I was blessed to spend an afternoon with Ken and Gloria, along with my husband Hugh, in Roscoe, New York. I fell in love with Ken and his sense of humor within seconds of meeting him, as his opening words to me were (pointing to Hugh): "Don't believe a word this man tells you!"

Memorial Tribute by

Lucille Pica

Dear Gloria and family, and Foundation Staff,

It was with a heavy heart that I learned of Kenneth's passing. My deepest sympathies and love are extended to you and your loved ones and the Foundation staff during this time.

Many of us have "grown up" with the Course through Kenneth's teachings. He led the way up the ladder and always with great clarity, love, gentleness and laughter. He was Christ's messenger as we all shall become. In truth, he lives on eternally in our hearts and minds. He is as near to us as the Christ, a mere thought away.

He demonstrated the greatest lesson of them all in his passing—that we cannot die. In my mind's eye, he teaches us still.

I, like so many others, am extremely grateful to you and to him for the incredible groundwork you laid in creating the Foundation.

With deep love and gratitude for the legacy of his teachings, I wish you peace, love and the comfort of God's angels. You are never alone.


Lucille Pica

Memorial Tribute by

Virginia Hart

Dear Gloria and Foundation Staff,

Monumental thanks to all of you for being there. Words are inadequate to convey the breadth of love & teaching that Ken's life offered, but I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for Ken's shepherding of the teaching into the larger world—of how to apply the lessons in our daily lives; for his integrity, never wavering from the truth of pure non-duality; for his humour; and for the beautifully written, literate essays which made the Light brighter every quarter.

He's left a tremendous body of work. His Light still shines.

Merci. Thank you so much.

Memorial Tribute by

Connie Wernet

Ken helped me to understand the Course.

I am so grateful to have attended many of his Academy classes and am thankful he left for us all a treasure of books, articles, Lighthouse newsletters, DVDs, CDs and MP3s. His explanations and examples enabled me to dive deeper into the Course's profound Truth.

And I appreciated his dedication to keep the Course pure, unalterable.

And to be in Ken's presence was an object lesson in what the Course teaches: kindness, a sense of humor, acceptance and forgiveness. He was an embodiment of the Course.

Ken's teachings changed my life, and I only hope I can demonstrate that he, like Jesus, never died, but that he lives in me, in all.

In deep gratitude,

Connie Wernet

Memorial Tribute by

Cynthia Quast

I first met Kenneth in 1990 at the retreat center in Roscoe, NY. I was brand new to ACIM and I went there with a friend as a vacation. I knew very little about the Course, the center or its teachers. It was a week-long workshop on special relationships and I didn't have a clue what was going on that week. But I did know one thing, Kenneth demonstrated a love and a light that I longed for and I knew I wanted to return.

In the years since that first encounter, I came to love and respect him more and more. He always encouraged me gently but consistently in my work with the Course; continually clarifying the teachings while reminding me not to take everything so seriously. I have observed his interactions with many people over the years and he always demonstrated love, impartiality and gentleness. He taught by example, demonstrating the teachings of the Course by his words and actions. To say that he has changed my life is an understatement. When I first began my studies of the Course I found it extremely difficult and I don't believe that I would still be practicing it without Kenneth's guidance and encouragement.

His death has come as an incredible shock to me as I am sure it has to everyone. I am very grateful to the Foundation for this opportunity to try to express my appreciation and gratitude for the work that Kenneth and the Foundation have done for all of us. While he made it look so easy, I think his life's work was challenging for him and yet he did it lovingly, giving of himself so generously.

When I read the quote that accompanied the announcement of Kenneth's death, "Teach not that I died in vain, teach rather that I did not die by demonstrating that I live in you," I was deeply touched. That quote struck me as the best possible message. I definitely think it would be his message to us now and as I go through the rest of my life I will strive to remember and live by it.

With love and gratitude,

Cynthia Quast

Memorial Tribute by

Regina Troyer

I sent my poem a few days ago, but I'm sending it again at your invitation on Facebook yesterday. I appreciate your decision not to hold a public memorial for Ken. I never met him, but watching your YouTube videos of him teaching, and listening to his CDs—the presence he shared through himself has helped me so much! His focus on living this Course uncompromisingly, 100 percent! lets me know I can do it too. Thanks for offering us this way of showing appreciation.

I dedicate this poem to you Ken. Your sure understanding comforted me. Your words will always be a crystal clear wind that blows the smoke of confusion out of my mind.

I never left the peace of God to cross a dark abyss;
What God created shines in perfect unity and bliss.
A moment more I walk the world in innocence and fun,
Till with a gentle smile illusions melt before the sun.

Thanks for your guidance, humor and your gentle smile.

Memorial Tribute by

Daniela Schultheis

Thank you for all your loving support and advice in thoughts and words through the last 17 years of my life.

Thank you for being such an adorable, respectful and humorous teacher for me. As you so often told me, will always keep listening to our music and its loving melos will gently guide me to the next chapter in my life.

I will miss you, Ken, but I am glad your work will be continued by others, the staff of the Foundation for A Course in Miracles.

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