The following tributes and expressions of gratitude were submitted to the Foundation following the death of Dr. Kenneth Wapnick. While Kenneth's physical presence is no longer with us, his wise, gentle, and loving spirit will forever remain with the Foundation, and with all those whose lives he touched.

February 22, 1942 – December 27, 2013

February 22, 1942 –
December 27, 2013

"From the heart, may it go to the heart."

"From the heart,
may it go to the heart."

Memorial Tribute by

Matthew Judge

Not just above is heaven found, it is really here and all around. It is within us too where it is still, we will all go home by our common will.

Kenneth is not with us now—but only in form, he lived a life of purpose from the day that he was born.

Yes, We will miss him and his words that were True.

For he was a living demonstration of the Christ that is in you.

Thank you Kenneth.

Memorial Tribute by

Dotty Clowdus

Dear Ken,

Oh, how we loved you, Jack and I, from the first time we met you on your first trip to Atlanta in 1982. As you and Jack collaborated on the recording of your classes at Olivia's house that week, he remarked to me that you were "the most like Jesus" of anyone he had ever met. We so loved the time we spent with you and Gloria that week as we drove you to the various venues where you spoke.

I am so very grateful for having known you as a dear friend, teacher, and therapist for so many years.

And now I see you and Jack together there in that peaceful realm where you abide. You lift me up as I see you through my tears.

Memorial Tribute by

Patrica Powell

Today I learned that Kenneth Wapnick died on Dec 27, 2013.

How wonderful it is to know the Son of God cannot die, the figure in the dream never lived. I thank him for sharing the light of truth with me. The Sonship only gets brighter as we share with each other. He has left the dream but the Truth remains with us on our journey home. The truth in his mind has reached out to the Truth in all minds. Thank you most Holy Son of God. We are and will always be as God created us. Your journey could never be in vain, it accomplished God's Holy Will.

Memorial Tribute by

Rita and Oscar

Ken quietly slipped away Dec. 27, 2013. Each day brings another reminder of all he did with us and for us. As our hearts feel an ending, our trust assures us that Ken continues to live in our minds.

Ken was totally committed to A Course in Miracles so we thank him for his wisdom, sense of humor, integrity and above all his kindness and love. We are richer in our sense of belonging due to his presence and we thank him for revealing to us the compassionate face of Oneness.

We can only believe that the best tribute we can give our beloved teacher is to follow his example with the gentle smile he often mentioned.

There are two words, favorites of Ken's, which characterize him. They were dear to him because they touched his deepest desire and identity. The two words are "WITHOUT EXCEPTION." Those of us who were the recipients of his genuineness can look back on his kindness to everyone, without exception, as genuine gifts to us. We will continue to be inspired by his example and teachings.

One of the most frequent themes that Ken taught us was that we are a mind and only a mind. So it is our role to keep the content of ACIM pure. We are called day in and day out—through our actions, our words, or intentions to provide an example to others.

The best part of all, simply the best, was that Ken shared his journey and his freedom with us—scurrying us along as a Father Abbott herding his flock with wings of love and grace. He made indelible impressions on so many, teaching all of us the gentle art of peacefulness and serenity of the mind.

We thank you, Ken, for still sharing your love with us—you were a turning point in our lives. You will be missed until we awaken from the dream and return HOME to the Oneness joined as One. We are richly blessed by your efforts, your wisdom and your great sense of humor. We are all better off for having been part of your life in this dream knowing we feel your presence forever in the imprint of love that remains in all our hearts.

Memorial Tribute by

Stella Pilon

Dearest teacher Ken,

This looks like my last letter to you in this form. I will miss you a lot and also all our brothers and sisters! But your friendly voice will still surround me as it always has almost every day for the last 17 years when translating most of your workshops in French.

I just finished translating" "Taking the ego lightly" and I believe you are this funny little man whom you are describing with your usual wonderful humor, who is tapping on my shoulder wanting to tell me the funniest joke there is!

"It is a joke to think that time can come to circumvent eternity."

I finally integrated what you were trying to teach me since so long—repeating and repeating with so much patience—and finally all the misery of depression and needless suffering went away for good. This dream became a "happy dream" and a real blessing because of your presence in it. No other teacher was able to succeed in doing it as you did. Your way was without any compromise, as Jesus taught, but it has certainly functioned miraculously for me!

What a relief to live this way!

Your personality was so dimmed, that greatness was radiating through you very easily. Please watch over me until we meet again!

Much love and gratitude from your 82 year old joyful parrot puppet.

See you soon...

Memorial Tribute by

Alice Broner

It has been the great blessing of my life to have had Ken Wapnick as my teacher in the study and practice of A Course in Miracles. His life and teaching were a living demonstration of the loving, non-judgmental, total forgiveness that he taught, and in his presence it was contagious. The depth of his understanding combined with the lightness of his gentle humor, made it clear to me that my search for a teacher was over.

Patience was the quality in Ken that I most valued, since he never implied that I should already know something, no matter how often he had answered the same question. He was always willing to be asked again.

I'm so grateful for the sheer volume of his work, since I feel I'll never run out of learning aides in my continuing study of the Course. The resources he left behind also include the many people he taught, who can continue to extend his teaching by demonstrating the truths that he lived.

In the end his life itself was his teaching, exemplifying all the Course's major lessons and showing us the unlimited possibilities of the willingness to be a vehicle for the healing of God's Son. It was a gift to have known him in this lifetime.

To Ken

We were so unprepared
expecting your return at any moment
we could have guessed
that what you meant was there is no death!

With that said and understood,
we can rest again, knowing you are fine
knowing you're still here. (because there is no "there")
You belong to us all now.

Now comes the celebration
Of a life lived so deeply and fully
Burning so intensely that only the light remains.
But now it has no limit.

Memorial Tribute by

Sean Kelly

Dearest Ken,

I was very sad to hear of your passing not so long ago. Although I never had a chance to meet you in person, I feel like you are one of my very best friends.

I have been listening to many of your MP3 s over and over again for the last couple of years. Although I had been studying the Course for a number of years prior to that, my learning has been exponential since "taking part" in so many of your workshops.

When I think of how much you have helped me to understand the principles of the Course and to apply them to my everyday life, I feel an incredible sense of gratitude for all the work that you have done over the years. I am constantly amazed at your ability to express the simple and purely non-dualistic message of the Course in so many interesting and varied ways. I really enjoy and admire your gentleness, humility and your great sense of humour!

There's still plenty of your workshops, books and newsletters that I haven't read or listened to, so I am looking forward to many more years of studying this beautiful and awe-inspiring Course with you.

With much love and gratitude,

Sean Kelly

Memorial Tribute by


Listening to Ken from the later eighties onward, he was a voice "calling in the wilderness" of my mind. That voice of truth was (is) with me in the morning getting ready for the day, in the car commute, during the day when cleaning at home and later in my iPod during walks. I have spent more hours listening to him than with some family and friends. The voice was available when they were not. The electronic outreach from Temecula (California) has no boundaries.

His meticulous teaching style, broad range of knowledge of the literary arts; of philosophy; of music; of psychology; of religions; of jokes and of course, complete mastery of ACIM and its teacher, Jesus, made that voice very compelling to listen to. His books also reflected all of the above. My gratitude (to whomever) is boundless.

The voice exuded caring, warmness and love, as he also did in person.

The Ken is gone (not really!), but we have a legacy by which to grow up and become a voice (being) of truth also.

Now he is fully in truth. We are following, brother. Thank you.

Memorial Tribute by

Karen Doshay

I am eternally grateful to Kenneth for what he reflected to me. He showed me Who I really am, by demonstrating Love, Gentleness, and Kindness. When I forget Who I am, I will think of Ken and remind myself what I already know. He exemplified the ultimate teacher by his demonstration of the Course. His scholarliness and erudition about the Course was the instrument he played, the form. What truly emanated from Ken Wapnick was its content of Love, Gentleness, Kindness, and Peace that came from doing what it says, by accepting our inheritance. Being vigilant about doing what the Course says perception by perception is how I will honor Ken and ultimately, myself. I am humbled by his unwavering practice and know that I can choose to do the same. I am aware of his still, quiet presence all around me and know this is the essence of Who I am, who we all are. Thank you, Ken for singing the Song.

With Love and Humility,

Karen Doshay

Memorial Tribute by

Brian Wark

Dr. Kenneth Wapnick lives in our minds

July 2008 upon the emphatic inner insistence of Gabriela, my wife, I travelled eight hours south from Toronto by highway, to the Omega Centre near Hudson, in New York state for a five-days seminar with Dr. Kenneth Wapnick. I knew of his impeccable reputation through the internet and Gary Renard's book, The Disappearance of the Universe, in which Pursah states, "Ken was identified to the original group by J [Jesus] as the one who would be responsible for teaching people what the Course means ... that does not mean that Ken is the only teacher of the Course, but he will be viewed in the future as the greatest one. He's the one whom teachers and scholars will still be reading hundreds and even thousands of years from now."

The learning phenomenon I experienced in the first ninety minutes at Omega that July Monday, confirmed that description to me. I was keenly aware and immensely grateful that my learning cup vastly overfloweth and I could have gone home right then and there, knowing I had received already five days worth of wisdom teaching. So vital were the in-depth clarities flowing from Ken's lips. He does not stop. The whole experience of a Ken Wapnick seminar beginning to end is potent and life changing. The truth is true and there is no level of differentiation within truth, just as there is no order of difficulty in miracles.

I have experienced a plethora of gurus, teachers, workshops, seminars and lectures during four years at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland and around the world. Certainly some were flashier and more charismatic, but Ken had that rare ability to observe and accurately describe the "good, the bad, and the ugly" of the ego's suspiciousness to viciousness games without holding back while at the same time not judging. He really knew how to leave that up to Holy Spirit. In Absence from Felicity he relates how Dr. Helen Schucman quoted Yeats' poem, "Tread lightly on my dreams/ They are dreams/But they are my dreams" and how he learned to love Helen in their friendship unconditionally without needing or trying to change her. Ken's teaching to us always made the point clear that our job in the illusion was acknowledging and correcting our own errors with Holy Spirit's direction. It was not about browbeating another with corrections you think they should be making using Course principles to attack them rather than focus on healing oneself. I am still working on that mighty forgiveness lesson with Ken's continuing help.

Choose any multi-day CD or DVD set and prepare to be moved profoundly starting with the first disc. Highly concentrated but very accessible truth learning. Let me give an example. In 2009 I purchased the twenty CD set derived from the five day Atlanta workshop summer of 2007 called Pathway of A Course in Miracles: From Spirituality to Mysticism. My wife stole away the first CD to her car audio deck and there it remained for over three months, played over and over and over and over perhaps a hundred times travelling back and forth from her University teaching job at U of T. Normally she is a quick study and intellectually impatient, but there was just so much true content available that it was a perfect hologram of the whole Course that invited repeated repetition.

What happens? Ken penetrates a subject rapidly, naturally and in clear understandable language. Within minutes you find yourself hearing an interesting, sometimes startling quality of truth, [often Shakespearean-upside down-things are not what they seem] that you may never have heard expressed before. But you recognize its veracity immediately, [even the seemingly most outrageous principles, in terms of contradicting the ego's insane thought system]. One gets that this man has no spin, that likely his verbal articulation is the most consistent external representation of the Holy Spirit's voice for God that will be encountered in one's entire life. One marvels.

While there at Omega I invited him to come to Toronto the following year to teach a weekend seminar at U of T. Maybe, he said. Some months later he kindly agreed, I asked what topic do you want to teach? He said you choose; whatever it is, it will turn out to be the same old thing. So we selected Narcissism, the Ego's Myth and he was so right, no matter from what angle or subject direction he entered, his symphonic repetition of the key melodic themes of the Course always showed up brilliantly no matter what the subject starting point. When we put out the word that year with the gracious help of the Foundation for A Course in Miracles, 180 people from nearly every province of Canada and about a dozen American states and five other countries rushed to join Ken's seminar. Every year since dozens would ask, "When is Ken coming back?" Every year I re-iterated our invitation. Like Douglas McArthur, he told me, "I will return." Just not necessarily in the outer form.

In person Ken could be a very funny man, wry, ironic, sometimes a little satirical as he took the mickey out of "the tiny mad idea at which the Son of God remembered not to laugh." He was always reminding us that the issue was not with the tiny mad idea of separation, but that we took it so seriously remembering not to laugh treating it like a sin to which we felt guilty and fearful of punishment The problem, and it is the only problem from which all the dream's other seeming problems proliferate, he showed, is our belief in this tiny mad idea of separation and division. Ken was unequivocal with his answer—we had to return to the mind and change our mind about this false belief, to see this and all things lightly, turning them over to Jesus as our Teacher.

Everyone may have their favorite remembrance of Ken's zany humour. Mine involved Gabriela and our ten year old daughter Alzena, and me, arriving in the foyer of FACIM in Temecula for a three day training with Ken in the summer of 2010. Ken spotted us, came bounding over beaming. With his hand gently on top of Alzena's summer felt hat, he was rotating radically around her exclaiming to Gabriela and I "But where is Alzena. You said she was coming, where is she? I am so disappointed. I was so looking forward to seeing her. Why couldn't she come? Gloria will be broken hearted. Where's Alzena, is she sick? Of course Alzena was taking it all seriously, "I'm here Kenny Bear, I'm here, right here, can't you see me? Nope, hilariously he kept this up for a good minute and a half, drawing Gabriela and I in to take the cues and play along. Great fun, we were all in tears of laughter by the end.

For Ken's wife and spiritual partner, Gloria, close family and FACIM colleagues, Judy and Whit and everyone at the Foundation for Inner Peace, we send our heartfelt condolences. It is not easy to lose the presence of one so kind, true and wise and loving. There is no death. Ken lives and extends his love in our minds. He has left an amazing legacy of teaching what the Course means, for now into eternity. Numerous YouTube five to ten minutes bite sized spiritual subject explorations; audio/visual DVD versions of seminars filmed at Temecula; audio CD sets of workshops and books; MP3 downloads; printed Books, varied scholarly in depth explorations numbering about thirty; Archives of the quarterly Lighthouse written by Ken, all designed to us each to bring the illusion to the light, not the other way around. In addition I am sure there are many of Ken and Gloria's courses and works that FACIM staff may find valuable to publish in the future. We are truly blessed. I love the man and his work. Our Path on the way Home has been well lighted by Ken's prodigious output. In the mind, there is no death. "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God." ACIM

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